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A dancer for most of her younger years, with a keen interest in health, fitness and nutrition, Emm started her own love affair with pilates 6 years ago. Immediately feeling the benefits Emm became hooked, the studio becoming her second home and the reformer her best friend. 

Wanting to educate and help others explore the incredible effects pilates classes had on her life and body, she embarked upon a career change and trained with the JPilates training and education group in London.

Emm holds qualifications in Matwork Level 3, Level 3 Pre and Post Natal, JPilates Barre, and Essential and Advanced Reformer

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Co- ordination of Body, Mind and Spirit

Emm Pilates offers small group and one to one tuition at various locations in and around Marlow. 

One to one sessions are offered in her serene attic studio, based in the centre of Marlow and are tailor made to suit your requirements. 

Whether you are brand new to pilates, a seasoned pro, suffering from injury or just want to improve your flexibility, mobility, strength, and relaxation of the body and mind, you will benefit enormously from doing pilates......Trust Me! 


Group and One to One Sessions

Mat work pilates classes are offered in small groups or on a one to one basis. Classes focus on the founding principles of pilates with a creative and modern day approach, incorporating small equipment to enhance and assist moves where necessary. Sessions are adapted to suit all levels and exercises adapted to suit everyone accordingly.


Group and One to One Sessions

The benefits of pilates during and after pregnancy are endless. It's an incredible way to prepare and restore your mind and body during such an important period of your life. It can help to maintain fitness levels, decrease stress, improve posture and back pain, prepare the body for the delivery and help with a faster post natal recovery. Group classes offer the chance to meet with other mums or mums to be. If you would rather have an individual lesson, one to ones are also available. 

The Reformer is one of the most well known pieces of Pilates studio equipment, with an excellent reputation for producing results. The added resistance, provided by a series of springs and pulleys, helps to deliver great benefits such as increased strength, length, flexibility and balance. Private classes are available at the Attic Studio in Marlow. Never done reformer before, don't be session and you'll be hooked!


Group and One to One Sessions

A fusion of ballet barre exercises and pilates. Barre classes focus on strength, flexibility and mobility using your own bodyweight, lightweight props and high repetitions to target and exhaust all major muscle groups and create beautifully sculpted lean, elongated muscles. Experience fun, high energy routines to dance classics. Suitable for all levels of experience, both in a group class or one to one session. 

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"In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 you'll see the difference, and in 30 you'll have a new body"

Joseph Pilates

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Private One To One Sessions

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